Dog Carting

     Do you want to know what sled dogs do in the summer? Visit our farm for a totally unique experience. In your two hour tour you will learn all about the history of dogsledding, the sport and the equipment, breeding and feeding, and all that it takes to keep our furry friends going. You'll learn how to hitch and harness a team. Depending on your groups' size you'll get comfortable in our one-of-a-kind multi-passenger cart, or our 2-passenger German-designed rig. Our professional mushers will guide the cart as the dogs pull you through a pristine forest and across rich meadows on our 75 acre property. We make a stop at a spring-fed pond where the dogs will cool off with a much-deserved dip. The might even show off their extreme racing speed in their dog-designed track around the pond's border. The experience is like no other. We schedule tours for a time that is appropriately cool for the dogs and space is limited. The whole experience lasts 1.5-2 hours, with 30 minutes of that time spent in on your dog-powered tour about the property. Come for a one-of-a-kind perspective on Vermont's summer months or let the dogs take you for a rolling view of the incredible fall foliage. Read about the tour in the Sunday Boston Globe's travel article.


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    1390 Square Road, Eden Mills, Vt 05653