Perfect Exotic Dance in the Perfect form: The Journey

But it did not happen as it was thought. The strippers were arrested by the police, and the arrest itself caused unrest in the city. Before you come to know where to book an exotic dancer let us have a look at the journey of the strippers.

It all happened in the center of Paris at the Moulin Rouge, where hundreds of Parisian students gathered to have fun. Then, during an improvised beauty contest, students threw off their clothes, for which they were arrested and fined 100 francs each. The first attempt at public striptease, although it failed, gave impetus to the fashion for the demonstration of the naked body.

Striptease history

  • Subsequently, in the same year, a striptease was shown in Chicago.
  • Dance “cancan” became a prototype of striptease. It appeared in the 19th century in France, and it was performed in the respective houses, taverns and other places of entertainment.
  • Both can and striptease was considered indecent and vulgar, so they were forbidden. And dancers were equated with prostitutes.

Women who first danced striptease are different from modern strippers: firstly, they never got rid of all their clothes and had different figures. There were also women who weighed a centner, but were considered skillful and popular strippers. The main thing in this business is to have grace and be able to interest a man, and the parameters – height and weight – did not play any role at all.

Mata Hari (Margareta Gertrude Zelle) has become one of the most popular strippers of the 20th century. Some of her dances had something close to modern striptease, which was still unusual for a Western audience. She was the very first of the female strippers who have the best options now.

Some dance historians believe that Isadora Duncan is also in some sense a stripper, because the dancer very often danced on the stage topless and in light dresses that did not hide her naked body.

In Paris in the 20s, the black dancer Josephine Baker, who sang and danced almost without clothes, was popular.

In Britain, burlesque was called the theater of erotic absurdity. The dancers went to the stage naked, covering the “strategic” places with boas and feathers.

The popularity and recognition of striptease received during the Second World War. It was believed that thanks to this kind of art the morale of the soldiers rose, which contributed to the victories at the front. Then striptease and burlesque identified.

In the 60s, striptease clubs began to open in the USA and in some places in Europe, where girls danced and undressed around the clock.

  • In the 70s, the tradition of collecting money from the public began. Then the men shoved bills into strippers stockings. At the same time the first poles began to appear, on which the women were spinning.
  • In the same years, male striptease was born.
  • Only in the 1980s did striptease become a very frank dance, in which strippers began to imitate the movements from intercourse. During these years, in San Francisco, the dancers came up with a private dance, which is performed on the lap of the client.

In San Diego, the male striptease has become as popular as the female. In the 90s not only the show with men but also the calls of strippers to their homes began to be popular.