Bachelor Party strippers

Do you look at the word “strip” and it makes your eyebrows playfully creeping up, and a sarcastic smile starts to appear on your face? Well maybe you just know little more about strippers than you have let on. We will dispel (and maybe confirm) some of the stereotypes that have developed around this harmless, interesting and enjoyable trend of the entertainment industry.

Myth one: for a striptease you have to go to the strip bar

In fact: a striptease can be performed anywhere. Of course, a striptease in your home, on the background of wallpaper, your favorite vase and photos of relatives will not be particularly spectacular. But in a stylish loft space the beautiful body of a dancer or dancer will play one hundred percent. Especially if, when choosing a space, you take into account the style of the dance, the color of the skin and the costume of the performer.

The second myth: striptease order only at a bachelorette party or bachelor party

In fact: Of course, the pre-wedding party is traditionally associated with a striptease, and indeed, the groom and the bride’s friends often invite the performer of the striptease. But no less popular is the erotic dance for the hero of the day (and regardless of age and gender, someone gives such a gift to a friend for coming of age, and someone to a friend with a hint that she is “berry again”). Dances are often ordered for corporate events (especially for “male” and “female” days). And quite often it happens that a spouse is pleased thus his faithful on their wedding anniversary. From the female strippers this is the best deal.

Myth Three: Striptease performed at the pole

Actually: Anything will suit a professional to perform a dance: a bar counter, a stage, some kind of architectural element. The stripper usually only in strip clubs a pole dance with elements of eroticism dances near the pole. Modern striptease is a costume spectacular show. This implies the statement of the dance, the image, the plot: the plot, the climax, the denouement. And this is usually combined with interactive, that is, during the number of invited guests from the audience. The usual chair is usually used, the guest is put on it, and they interact with it in the room!

Myth Four: Striptease – it’s scary expensive

In fact: The cost of a standard room is comparable to the cost of any other version of the entertainment program in San Diego, like a fire show or a bubble show. And the performance of a musical group, for example, will cost you much more than a dancer’s program, which in its minimum form includes three dances in different costumes. The price rises if you choose some kind of exotic, like a dance with a snake, or you want to order the performance of two dancers.

Fifth Myth: Stripper (stripper) should definitely put money in panties

In fact: putting money in underwear is customary and almost always in strip clubs with a pole, where girls dance all night long, and their main income is just tips and private dances! When ordering a striptease at the exit is almost none! Of course, a stripper can shove money into her panties during the show, she will not mind. If you look at the best website, then you will be able to know where to book an exotic dancer.